We need you to #IlluminatetheState

The Western Australia Coordinating Committee for National Science Week (WACC) have a bold plan to light up Western Australia in hues of orange and yellow for National Science Week and are looking for municipalities and institutions across WA to participate.

We will officially launch National Science Week in WA for 2017 on the 10 August at the Harry Perkins Institute in Perth, ahead of National Science Week which officially runs from the 12 – 20 August.

We are looking for your support in helping to light up local monuments, infrastructure and buildings from the 10- 20 August to help promote awareness of the hundreds of National Science Week events that will be happening across the state. These light ups will coincide with regional and metro radio campaigns which will connect the light up efforts to state-wide marketing of National Science Week events across WA.

Download a our letter (670 kB, PDF) and get your institution/building and local monuments lit up this #natsciwk and illuminate WA!

What we are asking of you

  • To light up your building or infrastructure to reflect the National Science Week light bulb icon – this can be lighting up in hues of orange and yellow;
  • And/or, allow us to use guerrilla marketing to project the National Science Week lightbulb and hashtag onto your building (see lightbulb logo);
  • Use the social media hashtags #natsciwk and #illuminatethestate to share your contributions across the country by posting pictures on social media.

What we need from you

To participate in this year’s light up efforts please email the following details to Carmen Smith:

  • your name;
  • name of your institution;
  • details on the light up infrastructure you wish to include; and
  • links to your social media accounts.

Your social media accounts will be tagged on the national and state-based National Science Week accounts in the lead up to, and across National Science Week.