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What is your relationship with your smartphone?

Inspiring Australia Team
Australia's Biggest Smartphone Survey

(ABC/ Getty images: filadendron)

Each year National Science Week partners with the ABC and some of Australia’s talented researchers to create a national project that everyone around Australia, wherever their location, can participate in. And this year’s mass participation project has now been launched!

What role does your phone play in your life? What impact is it having on you and your relationships? How is it changing your world? Help researchers find out through Australia’s Biggest Smartphone Survey as part of National Science Week.

The survey will help scientists to understand our interactions with this technology and assist in making recommendations on how best to maintain a healthy co-existence with these pervasive digital devices.

“Recommendations will only be as useful as the data that informs them. So to me this is a really exciting way to inform Australia on how we can put some healthy parameters around smartphone use” Dr Kathryn Modecki from Griffith University said.

The Smartphone Survey is the result of a collaboration between the ABC and researchers from Griffith University, Murdoch University and Western Sydney University, with support from the Inspiring Australia — Science Engagement Program within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Log on now to answer some simple questions – you can even do it on your phone!