National Science Week Seed Grants in Queensland

  • by National Office
  • 24 February, 2014
National Science Week Seed Grants in Queensland

The Queensland National Science Week Co-ordinating Committee will award several grants of up to $2500 to develop and deliver new events, activities or programs for National Science Week.


The event must be held in National Science Week (16-24 August).

Events that demonstrate a capacity to be repeated without financial support in future years are preferred.

School-based activities are ineligible unless they can demonstrate significant community partnerships and audiences.

Events aimed at the wider community, rather than a single organisation, will be preferred.

At least two grants will be awarded for regional Queensland events.

When preparing your budget, please note that National Science Week funds cannot be used to pay for the time of in-house staff. Consideration will be given to sole contractors. You may charge people to access your event, activity or program.


Grant recipients will be required to:

  • Register the launch on the National Science Week website;
  • Acknowledge funding support by ensuring the National Science Week logo appears on event material;
  • Display National Science Week signage provided by the Queensland committee at your event;
  • Complete budget acquittal forms;
  • Complete the online evaluation process established by National Science Week using information collected from feedback forms at the event. Original forms to be submitted with your report;
  • Provide digital images and/or video of your activity to help National Science Week showcase successful grant-supported events.

How to apply

Download and complete the application form and return it by email by COB Friday 11 April, 2014.

Successful applicants will be notified of the results by 30 April, 2014.

Payment of grants will be made upon receipt of a valid tax invoice. 10 per cent of the payment will be withheld until the event organiser has completed post-event reporting and evaluation. The Queensland committee will provide resources to assist in promoting your event.

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