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Species That Like It Hot – UCTV Alive for Kids Webinar with Dr Paige Kelly

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Just as weeds appear in the garden with warmer weather. What grows in our oceans shifts as the water temperature rises.

The Southern Ocean, the water between Australia and Antarctica, is full of krill. Krill are shrimp-like creatures that whales, seals and penguins feast on. Krill love the cold. Yet, their Southern Ocean home is warming three times quicker than any other ocean. Because of this warming, we think that the Southern Ocean is becoming a better home for species who like it hot, such as "salps."

Salps might look like jellyfish, but they have a sort of backbone that means they are more closely related to us humans. As the Southern Ocean gets hotter, salps bloom just like weeds. So, what does this mean for our krill? Can they share the ocean with salps? And what about the seals, penguins, and whales that eat krill? Do salps make a tasty meal?

Dr Paige Kelly had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica and explore the current situation. Dr Paige will share her findings with you through cartoons, demonstrating that science can be both colourful and enjoyable!

UCTV Alive for Kids is a monthly webinar developed by the Peter Underwood Centre at the University of Tasmania to provide children and young people with fun, extra-curricular learning opportunities. While primarily designed for Year 5 and 6 students, anyone is welcome to attend.

Our child-safe protocols ensure a secure environment, with only the presenter and host's video and audio enabled. Viewers can submit questions during the show for Paige to answer live. 

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