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Can you write a poem about 'Loving Living Things'? The poem could be about your favourite animal, a curious creature, plant, microbe or caring for the environment.

The Science Rhymes website will display a collection of your rhyming poems in our Poetry Zoo anthology blog. There’s a free downloadable PDF called 'Loving Little Things' to help you get started.

Email your poems to by Monday 29 July.  Include a poem title, your name, plus your town, school name, and an adult name & email address for school-aged poets, so we can reply.  A rhyming poem of 1 to 5 verses would be ideal but other applications are considered.

Published poems by children will be acknowledged by first name only. School name will be included where supplied.  If you use ChatGPT or other AI to help create your poem, you need to declare this.  You are both valid authors of the poem.