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Girls Day Out in STEM Imagineering Adventure

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Get ready to join us on our Imagineering Adventure. Sign up for the best metaverse adventure in cyberspace to discover so much more than just sustainability. Take the hero’s path to enter our Imagineer-verse where you get to be the imagineer for a better world. The not so good news: Species are becoming extinct, biodiversity is declining, rubbish is piling up in our seas and the world is heating up. So that’s the not so good news. The good news: In our Imagineering Adventure along with our industry partners, there are some very cool ways to work towards turning things around. The fun news: Within our Imagineering Adventure, you can visit each individual world in our GDOS metaverse and explore all of the activities. Awesome news: After you take part in each world of the Imagineer-verse, collect all of the individual world stamps to be in the prize draws. How it works: Register: get access to the code which will allow you to fully participate in the Imagineering Adventure. Discover our amazing worlds: to find out everything on offer, journey through our fun and dynamic metaverse platform with us. Organise: arrange time during the week to complete the daily challenges.  Share: your challenges online to connect with other like-minded friends. Win: so many epic prizes to be won. Register now to join us for our Imagineering Adventure. Get your imaginations fired up!