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Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke and NASA Flight Director Gerry Griffin touring in May

National Office

A live Q & A with Apollo 16 astronaut and Moon walker Charlie Duke and NASA Mission Control Flight Director Gerry Griffin along with the epic film screening of MISSION CONTROL: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo.

Charlie Duke was an aeronautical scientist and US Air Force test pilot before joining NASA as an astronaut in 1966. He served as backup crew for Apollo 10, 13 and 17 and landed on the Moon with John Young on the Apollo 16 mission. He was also the CAPCOM (spacecraft communicator) for the Apollo 11 lunar landing, and his words of relief after the landing are famous: “Tranquility, we copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot!”

Gerry Griffin was an US Air Force pilot and aeronautical engineer before joining NASA during the Gemini program. As a Flight Director for Apollo, his “Gold” team were at the consoles for three of the six lunar landings, and they played a key role in the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew.

The show will also feature a special tribute to the Commander of Apollo 17, Captain Gene Cernan – The Last Man on the Moon.

The show is hosted by acclaimed Australian astrophysicist Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith.

Tour dates

Melbourne (Astor Theatre): Wednesday 2 May @ 7:30pm
Canberra (Llewellyn Hall): Saturday 5 May @ 7:30pm
Sydney (Event Cinema): Monday 7 May @ 7:30pm
Brisbane (City Hall): Thursday 10 May @ 7:30pm
Perth (Concert Hall): Sunday 13 May @ 7:30pm

Tickets are available via Live on Stage Australia.