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The Science of Chocolate

  • From
  • Latrobe Council Chambers
    170 Gilbert Street, Latrobe TAS 7307, Australia

Have you ever wondered why some chocolate bars get white spots or lose their shine? Or why chocolate has that distinctive "snap" when you bite into it?

What does reflection, light, and physics have to do with chocolate? Is chocolate actually bad for dogs? And how do competitive chocolatiers create amazing chocolate sculptures for their World Chocolate Masters competitions?

The answers to these questions and many more will be discussed at this exciting presentation by chocolate lover and scientist, Chloe Nelson.

Chloë Nelson loves chocolate. She also loves science, technology, engineering, maths, and art. She particularly loves bringing these interests together. Exploring how boundaries are being pushed to develop delicious, chocolatey creations and sharing her knowledge with others. 

After studying science at university, Chloë started her professional career working as a research scientist and undertaken further studies in Engineering. She also trained as a chocolatier at the world-renowned Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School.

Chloë found she had a passion for explaining how chocolates are made and experimenting with different techniques to make chocolate sculptures. She’s delivered a range of chocolate science and art workshops across Australia. Chloë is a passionate science and maths educator and is currently undertaking a PhD on learning at science centres.