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The First Scientists

  • - (AWST)
  • Kondinin Community Garden
    Graham Street, Kondinin WA 6367, Australia

With help from local Noongar representatives, Dylan Collard of Kaylakoorl will facilitate this interactive workshop. 'Enduring Inventions and Innovations' will guide participants through the process of creating an axe (kodj). Stations will be set up with various tasks that will generate the materials to create the axe. This includes grinding balga sap, charcoal and yonga goona (kangaroo poo). Creating fire through friction with a stick and drawing animal tracks. Using the materials that the groups were involved in, Dylan attaches a specially shaped stone to the end of a stick. The workshop will be conducted in small groups so that all participants are involved. It will a very interactive process which is suitable for all ages.  

Dylan Collard of Kaylakoorl designed this workshop. Community members will be encouraged to participate in the process. The workshop showcases the innovations of the First Nations people and STEM. This workshop was a huge success at last year’s National Science Week.

'The First Scientists' is an event partnership between the Kondinin Community Resource Centre, Kondinin Primary School, and Kondinin Shire. The event will be held at the Kondinin Community Garden.  The participants will engage with and learn about how First Nations people are some of the first scientists in Australia and the world.

Dylan Collard of Kaylakoorl spent some of his childhood growing up in Kondinin. Dylan is a Wadjak and Balardong Noongar man, who has always lived on Noongar country. He has been teaching Noogar language for four years.