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Surveying Wildlife at Ngarrmirngan Red Lily Lagoon

  • - (ACST)
  • Ngarrmirngan
    Jilkminggan, Jilkminggan NT 0852, Australia

Surveying for birds and wildlife at Ngarrmirngan (Red Lily Lagoon) will provide an opportunity for Mangarrayi Rangers and community mob to get out on Country. Learn some western scientific survey skills combined with traditional knowledge and names of wildlife. Using observational and surveying skills to identify and count birds and other wildlife. This may be a new skillset for youth and other community members joining the survey. This will be a chance to share how western science can provide information to complement traditional knowledge. Sparking conversations about two-way learning and support the use of bilingual communication resources. 

The Mangarrayi Land Management and Community Development Advisory Committee and the Mangarrayi Rangers will conduct a survey for birds and other wildlife at Ngarrmirngan (Red Lily Lagoon). The survey will be in the dry season using binoculars and field guides. We will then collate information on all birds and other wildlife observed to create a poster for the community.