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Sensational Species, now and in the future!

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  • Holland Park State School
    59 Abbostleigh Street, Holland Park QLD 4121, Australia

Sensational Species, for Now and Future! aims to educate students about the critical need for conserving our threatened species and inspire them to take action from Prep to Year 6.

Sensational Species Fun will feature a biodiversity escape room running throughout Science Week. This immersive experience will foster collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and curiosity about the natural world. Additionally, we will host a guest speaker, a conservationist scientist, who will enlighten students about their role and the significance of conservation efforts.

Students will also step into the shoes of STEMists, engaging in the design thinking process to tackle real-world species threats, such as koala habitat destruction caused by bushfires. Through hands-on activities and group work, they will develop solutions and prototype designs, integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in meaningful ways. This approach not only cultivates critical and creative thinking but also nurtures ethical understanding and personal and social capability.

By participating in these activities, students will gain a deeper appreciation of the collaboration between science and the community in preserving our extraordinary species.