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Pollinator's Paradise at Renmark

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  • Renmark Primary School
    58 Murtho Street, Renmark SA 5341, Australia

We're creating an insect-friendly environment, to make our school gardens a pollinators paradise! 

Older students will support younger students to re-establish neglected areas in our school. Students will tidy garden beds, and plant new native and non-native flowering plants. Students will build insect hotels, using recycled materials and natural resources. Insect hotels will be placed in and around our gardens to encourage bees and native insects.

Our students will learn the importance of bee and insect pollinators in environmental sustainability. Planting and nurturing gardens, and creating bee-hotels, will help our students understand how we can help at-risk pollinators.

In the future, students will visit the gardens we've built, study methods of pollination, and learn about seed dispersal, parts of plants and what plants need to survive.  Students could analyse the health of our gardens by tallying the pollinators present, and the plants most frequented by bees and native insects.  This information could be used to improve the gardens in years to come, and continue to promote a pollinator's paradise.