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Learning about survival

  • - (AEST)
  • Wellington Community Children\\\'s Centre
    William street, Wellington NSW 2820, Australia

We are a Preschool, and part of our goal is to ignite a passion about all things science. About thinking, curiosity, observation, experimentation and hypothesising. 

Our event will extend over a period of 2 weeks. We will, in as many ways as possible, include questioning and discussion about the survival of our species. We will conduct clean/dirty water experiments, using the local zoo, with a field trip to identify animals and how they help us. We will look at lifecycles, including planting a garden, adding up how much food is consumed at Preschool, where the food comes from, and our plastic waste.

Our grant money will go towards purchasing lifecycle collections that allow hands-on learning, as well as magnifying glasses, and consumables to conduct experiments using science.

We love Science Week!