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Jingili Science Fair Extravaganza

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  • Jingili Primary School
    17 Knowles Street, Jingili NT 0810, Australia

The Science Fair Extravaganza, which occurs during Science Week, is a day organised for the students to become the ‘Science Experts’.  The outdoor learning area is set up to accommodate science stations where students are 'Scientists in action', conducting experiments in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space.

Jingili Science Fair Extravaganza provide opportunities for students to be involved in a rotation of engaging, hands-on learning experiences and experiments that promote the science inquiry method and the STEAM approach and increase students’ awareness and understanding of the central role of science, technology and innovation throughout their learning journey.

This year the Science Fair Extravaganza will include a night of stargazing with a local science educator and astronomer. This will involve students and community members observing and photographing planets, moon and stars using telescopes and iPads.