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Insect Hotel

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  • Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten
    26 Ashton St, Wynnum QLD 4178, Australia

Our not-for-profit kindergarten will build an Insect Hotel during National Science Week in line with the theme of ‘Survival of Species.’ This hands-on STEM project will engage students, parents and community members in a collaborative effort to create a sanctuary for beneficial insects while enhancing our understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Our Event Activities will include:

  • Introduction to Insect Hotels: Building an understanding of their importance in promoting biodiversity, and their role in supporting local ecosystems.
  • Design and Planning: Interactive workshop where students brainstorm and design their insect hotel. Exploration of various materials such as wood, bamboo, stones, and plant debris to create a hospitable environment for insects.
  • Construction Phase: Hands-on building session where students and participants construct the insect hotel using provided materials and tools. Opportunities for participants to personalise their sections of the insect hotel with creative designs and features.
  • Data Collection and Monitoring: Introduction to environmental sensors and data collection methods to monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors within the insect hotel.
  • Educational Booths and Interactive Displays: Showcasing information about local insect species, the importance of biodiversity, and conservation efforts.
  • Interactive displays and hands-on activities for participants of all ages to learn more about insects and their habitats.
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: Parents and families will have the opportunity to assist with the construction of the hotel at a Working Bee.