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Heathfield Primary National Science Week Expo

  • - (AEST)
  • Heathfield Primary School
    201 Longwood rd, Heathfield SA 5153, Australia

Discover the Amazing Science of Bubbles with Bubble-ologist Marty McBubble. 

How are bubbles created? Why do they pop? What shapes and colours can bubbles make? What is surface tension and why is it important?

Children will discover all of this and much more as Marty engages their natural sense of wonder with his interactive bubbly experiments. Marty will use his amazing variety of bubble gadgets, music and comedy to explain the scientific principles behind soap bubbles.

Concepts including surface tension, transparency, iridescence, gravity, evaporation, minimal surface area will be explored. Properties of solids, liquids and gases will all be discussed at a level appropriate for the age of the audience.

Bubble Volcanoes, Bubble Rockets, Bubble Cubes, Bubble Sculptures and even Bubble Ice-cream! You'll see them all in The Scientific Bubble Show!

Find out about lenses, reflections and vibrations in Sci-World’s See! Hear! Light and Sound workshop. Students will be enthralled with the practical demonstrations and various workstations which will help them explore light and sound.

Is it real? Or is it just plain weird!?

It’s a weird Science workshop with Sci-World that will show you the world of science at its best! See some amazing demonstrations, such as elephant’s toothpaste and get dirty creating some weird science of your own! It’s about tricks, illusions and just plain weird but fascinating science. You’re guaranteed to learn something new.

Every classroom will showcase their science learning and the library will display student work from the Oliphant Science awards.