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2024 STEMathon

  • - (AWST)
  • Waroona Memorial Hall
    86 South Western Highway, Waroona WA 6215, Australia

The 2024 STEMathon is an immersive and interactive STEM event designed to ignite curiosity and foster a passion for STEM among young children across the Peel and Harvey region. Hosted by St Joseph's School Waroona, this event is a pivotal part of National Science Week and aims to celebrate and promote STEM education and innovation.

The STEMathon will feature diverse activities and exhibits that provide hands-on learning experiences. Children can engage with interactive STEM displays, participate in exciting experiments, and explore cutting-edge technologies. These activities are educational and entertaining, ensuring high engagement. 

Key highlights of the event include:

  • Interactive exhibits showcasing the latest advancements in STEM
  • Hands-on STEM activities and experiments that encourage active participation and learning
  • Scientific interactive showcase from the local Noongar perspective
  • Presentations and demonstrations by STEM professionals and educators provide insights into STEM careers and real-world applications.
  • Activities promote the involvement of girls and women in STEM fields, address gender disparities, and encourage diversity in STEM.

The STEMathon will engage children from primary schools (Years 4 - 6), playgroups, and home-schooling communities in Harvey, Yarloop, Pinjarra, and Waroona, offering a unique platform to explore STEM in a collaborative and supportive environment. This event is possible through generous funding and support from the Australian Government, Alcoa, Rio Tinto, CSIRO, Shire of Waroona, and numerous in-kind support from local businesses, organisations and volunteers. 

For more information and to register your school's participation, please contact the STEMathon coordinator. Tickets for home-schooled children and playgroup are available through the ticketing link. We look forward to seeing you at the 2024 STEMathon to inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts!