Arid Recovery Reserve

Where: Borefield Road, Olympic Dam, SA
Email Address:
Phone: 08 8671 8282

Arid Recovery is an ecosystem restoration initiative based in the South Australian outback and dedicated to the restoration of Australia’s arid lands.

Established in 1997, the program is centred around a 123 km² fenced reserve. Feral cats, rabbits and foxes have been eradicated from a total of 60 km² and this has provided an area of complete protection into which four species of locally extinct mammals have so far been reintroduced

Arid Recovery offers visitors a chance to get up close to rare and endangered native species in a naturally wild arid zone environment. Some, such as the Burrowing Bettong, are the only populations on mainland Australia, making this unique opportunity to interact with them in a natural environment, a very special experience for visitors. Bookings are essential.

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