The Australian National Botanic Garden is a collection of native plants from all across Australia, including an arid red centre garden and a rainforest gully. The broad expanse of the eucalypt lawn is ideal for picnics and there are many species of birds and animals to find.

There are free guided walks held twice each day, as well as two 45 minute tours on an open air electric bus. There are also a series of self-guided walking trails in the garden.

The garden was proposed in the 1930s but work did not not start until after World War II. It was sited near ANU on the slopes of Black Mountain to support research and this collaboration continues today. The garden was opened in 1970 by Prime Minister John Gorton.

There is is a café and picnic grounds, and the visitor centre has a botanical bookshop.

Open everyday except 25 December. Entry is free, but car park fees apply.

Photo: 阿橋 HQ (CC-BY-SA-2.0)