• Create a sensation with microscopy T-shirts

    National Office, July 28 2014
    Neurons are sensational – they help you see, hear, taste, smell and feel amazing things! They also look pretty amazing themselves. It’s because... more
  • Working to get the women of science on to Wikipedia

    National Office, July 25 2014
    About a year ago the Australian Academy of Science decided to do something about the paucity of women scientists on Wikipedia. Inspired by the UK Royal... more
  • Becoming Martian, and other things

    National Office, July 17 2014
    National Science Week is just a month way, and things are starting to get chaotic here in Perth. After Inspiring Australia’s amazing support last... more WA
  • Science Fiction at Kawana Waters State College

    National Office, July 17 2014
    My name is Jordan Knight, I am a student at Kawana Waters State College and am running an event in the school for National Science Week. For the whole... more QLD . school
  • ACT #natsciwk Program Poster

    National Office, June 26 2014
    The ACT National Science Week Coordinating Committee have just published a poster program guide that is being distributed around Canberra over the next... more ACT
  • Neural Knitworks stitch up the country

    National Office, June 13 2014
    With its first Patron on board and deliveries of hand made textile neurons starting to arrive at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Neural Knitworks is now well... more
  • WA Small Grant Recipients 2014

    National Office, June 11 2014
    The WA National Science Week Coordinating Committee was thrilled at the number and quality of applications they received in 2014. The events selected to... more WA
  • Brain Break blog

    National Office, June 05 2014
    On Tuesday 13th August 2013 James Cook University (JCU) scientists held a Brain Break Morning Tea on campus in Cairns. We wanted to celebrate 2013 National... more Brain Break
  • ACT seed grant recipients 2014

    National Office, June 04 2014
    The science of glass, decoding the dance of the chromosome 21, flying seeds, living rocks, science in the pub, the secret life of plants and the maths... more ACT
  • School grant recipients 2014

    National Office, May 21 2014
    Thank you to each and every one of the 440 Australian schools who applied for school grants. It is fantastic to have such a huge interest in running activities... more Schools
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