• Council media support

    Tanya Ha, June 29 2016
    Support and promote local National Science Week events and help raise the profile of science and innovation within your local community. Find a local event... more
  • Councils

    Tanya Ha, June 29 2016
    Your council can use National Science Week as an opportunity to support and celebrate local science and technology-based industries and organisations.... more
  • Dr Ellen Jorgensen visits Sydney

    National Office, June 29 2016
    The founder and Executive Director of Genspace, Dr Ellen Jorgensen, will be visiting Australia as part of National Science Week 2016. Ellen is passionate... more NSW
  • Teacher resource book now available

    National Office, June 27 2016
    The Drones, Droids and Robots resource book by the Australian Science Teachers Association is now available as an interactive online eBook or via download... more Drones Droids and Robots
  • Fossilised records

    National Office, May 23 2016
    Sometimes it’s not only the fossils that tell the story, but the records of their collectors as well! Many collections housed at the Queensland Museum... more QLD . dinosaurs . fossils
  • Small grant recipients in WA

    National Office, May 19 2016
    Congratulations to all of the successful applicants for small grants of up to $2,000 (with a total of $19,000 being awarded) in Western Australia: Ballajura... more WA
  • School Grant Recipients 2016

    National Office, May 16 2016
    Congratulations to the 248 schools that have been successful in sharing the grant pool of $90,000, with each receiving up to $500. Thank you to each and... more ASTA . Schools
  • ‘U’ is for Unknown

    National Office, May 13 2016
    We humans think we know Lots! And this is where the museums and herbaria come in, where it is our job to discover, collect and preserve, and make the ‘unknown’... more QLD
  • Molecular Magic

    National Office, May 13 2016
    When people ask me where I work, I am thrilled to reply, “The Queensland Museum.” I normally get an interested noise and the follow-up question, “What... more QLD . behind the scenes . museum
  • Expression of interest – National Science Week at the Ekka

    National Office, May 05 2016
    Liddell Education (Street Science), with the support of the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia programme, will be running a National Science Week... more QLD
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