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June 30 2015 - December 31 2015

The Light Spectacular – High Voltage Show

Scienceworks, Spotswood, VIC

Scienceworks is starting our Year of Light celebrations with a bang – a new Lightning Room show about the science of light and the amazing technologies that use it.

July 1 2015 - December 31 2015

Starlight – Planetarium show

Melbourne Planetarium, Spotswood, VIC

Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this planetarium show. For thousands of years we have looked to the stars at night in wonder and awe. Their mysteries have inspired curiosity across all cultures and civilisations.

July 1 2015 - December 24 2015

We are Astronomers – Planetarium show

Melbourne Planetarium, Spotswood, VIC

Zoom into space and learn how astronomers seek an answer to the true origin of the Universe.

July 13 2015 - September 18 2015

Physics is Fun

Luna Park Sydney, Milsons Point, NSW

‘Physics is Fun’ provide fun park excursions at Luna Park Sydney for any size school group from any school faculty on Mondays & Fridays. Our special school prices are at a great discount on standard entry prices charged by Luna Park Sydney and are the lowest prices available.

July 23 2015 - September 8 2015

Light Speculation

LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative, Carlton, VIC

Light Speculation provides the curious with a glimpse into the wonderment of light as a phenomenon, and prompts us to consider play as a source of discovery and innovation.

Devils@Cradle, Cradle Mountain, TAS

Our Guided Tours provide visitors with a very unique wildlife experience - combining comfort, with high quality education - your Tour Guide will ensure you get a close up encounter with these amazing animals.

August 1 2015 - September 11 2015

Alchemy (Visual art exhibition)

The Science Exchange, Adelaide, SA

Alchemy explores our sensory interaction with the science of wine. It examines alchemical processes and shape symbolism to visually interpret four elements found in wine.

August 1 2015 - September 18 2015

Neural Knitworks SA

University of Adelaide School of Medicine, Adelaide, SA

We’re calling on all South Australian knitters, crafters and curious minds to work together to create fabulous neurons. We'll assemble the neurons together into a neural knitwork, and invite all participants to come view their handiwork, which will be displayed at the University of Adelaide.

Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide, SA

At each of five AFL matches at the Adelaide Oval in August 2015, SciWorld's Pop-up Science cart will be near the eastern gates with enthusiastic presenters giving continuous science demonstrations for the two hours before the game. Audience participation will be encouraged - come and say hi!

Adelaide Planetarium, Mawson Lakes, SA

Astronomers are constantly faced with the challenges of gleaning information from the light of very distant objects and often face problems of the presence of light in the wrong place. Professor Fred Watson explores the history of our understanding of light.

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Geoscience Australia is on the look-out for photos with rock-star qualities, with entries now open for the 2015 Top GeoShot photographic competition.

25 Mountains. Zero latitude. 25 years. Zero ice.


Do you have a favourite science experiment you’ve conducted in class or watched on YouTube? Or have you been inspired by a great scientific discovery in history? If you're at an Australian high school, you could win a $500 voucher and get your science story published in Australia's top science mags!

The Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program helps kids to develop valuable STEM skills including problem-solving, math, engineering, design and spatial awareness. This competition tests student's ingenuity, imagination and skills to create their own original 3D spaceship.

Dance artist, Alison Plevey, explores the interaction between anatomy, creativity, environment/place, science and technology in her short film DataDance. The film traces Alison's site dance responses over a 24hr period, overlayed with quantitative recorded data of the physiological experience.


Fantasy Science League is a fictional online event where 16 of today's science superstars take part in a series of science-themed challenges. Who will you put on your Fantasy Science League team?

Online adventure learning for students and teachers to learn about the Tasmanian shy albatross through a real life expedition.


Snoop in to the Soil Selfies collection using your sense of sight to discover differences and similarities between soils close-up, in use and with challenges and/or managements, and recognise the sciences involved in these aspects of healthy soils for a healthy life.


Early Childhood Australia and Little Scientists presents the 'Teaching and learning about science in early childhood' webinar. Join us for this live online event to learn how to support young children's curiosity for science, mathematics and technology through fun and playful experiments.

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  • The Light Spectacular – High Voltage Show

    Scienceworks is starting our Year of Light celebrations with a bang – a new Lightning Room show about the science of light and the amazing technologies...

  • Starlight – Planetarium show

    Uncover the mysteries of the stars in this planetarium show. For thousands of years we have looked to the stars at night in wonder and awe. Their mysteries...

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