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Win one of four $5000 educational grants to fund your future, and a 6-month family loan of a BMW or MINI plug-in hybrid. Tell us how you imagine Melbourne is in 2040, and how you’d improve its city design, transport infrastructure sustainable mobility or transport technology.

When: Monday, August 5 2019 till Monday, September 30 2019. 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM
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Topic: Energy and transport, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free

Do you want to shape the future of mobility in Melbourne? If you’re in Victoria, in high school and aged 15 and over, we would love to hear from you. BMW has a long tradition of developing innovative technology to support and minimise our impact on the environment. Back in 1973, the BMW Group was the first automobile manufacturer in the world to appoint an environmental officer. From there processes, infrastructure and manufacturing continued to evolve and has enabled a consistent reduction of resource consumption, emissions and waste. yourMelbourne is our commitment to inspiring young Australians to continue shaping the future of our community.

For the first time in Australia, we want to hear how you would improve Melbourne’s transport in 2040. By submitting your ideas, you will be considered for one of four $5000 educational grants to fund your future, and a family loan of a BMW or MINI plug-in hybrid. How will you travel around Melbourne in 2040? Does it look different to mobility of today? Identify the issue. What is the transport problem you see, in one of the following areas:

City design current or new suburbs Transport infrastructure any type, not just cars Sustainable mobility supporting the environment Transport technology improvements to current transport, or a completely new mode of transportation

Make the change. How would you fix a problem? You must submit your idea in one of the following three ways:

  • A written submission of 800-2000 words, with or without illustrations
  • Sketches or illustrations, between 3-8 sketches.
  • A video or other multimedia submission between 1-3 minutes.

Submissions close on Friday 30 September, 2019.

Contact details:

Siobhan Kircher
BMW Group Australia
Phone: 0409 297 393