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Water Quality Monitoring of Kincumber Creek

Water Quality Monitoring: students will conduct water quality tests, macro invertebrate surveys of Kincumber Creek and collect feathers as part of the Feathermap Project of Australia, led by ANSTO and UNSW.

When: Monday, May 8 2017 till Friday, August 18 2017. 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Where: Kincumber High School
Bungoona Road, Kincumber, NSW, 2251
Topic: Environment and nature
Cost: Free
Other: Wheelchair access

Citizen Scientist Program – Water Quality Monitoring.

Students are being offered the opportunity to be a part of a local waterway monitoring project. Each week (leading up to National Science Week in August), students will conduct water quality tests and macroinvertebrate surveys of our local waterway (Kincumber Creek) to determine the overall health of the habitat.

Whilst conducting these weekly surveys at the creek, we will also make observations of local water birds and collect water bird feathers as part of UNSW & ANSTO’s Feather Map of Australia Project. The students will present their data to the school & local community and communicate their findings in a display at the school during Science Week.

Visitors to the display will also have the opportunity to visit the study site and /or conduct their own water quality tests and observe a sample of macro invertebrates caught by the students as part of the project.

Contact details:

Lara Pratt
Kincumber High School
Phone: 02 4369 1555
Mobile: 0414 916 617

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