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UWA supporting National Science Week in WA

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Experience Science with The University of Western Australia: A lifelong voyage of discovery

As a long-lasting supporter and sponsor of National Science Week in WA, The University of Western Australia (UWA) is proud to be involved in some of this year’s National Science Week events.

Moonboorli (Beyond): Saturday 10 August

All ages can experience the Virtual Plant Cell in the free VR & AR Zone at the 2019 National Science Week event Moonboorli (Beyond) on Saturday 10 August at the State Library of WA in Perth. A ground-breaking virtual reality program from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at UWA takes students on an exciting immersive journey through the cells of plants normally too small to be seen, and highlights plant research that is contributing to global food security.

Virtual Plant Cell (VPC) has been used in classrooms around the world, providing a fun, interactive educational experience. Using VR technology creates a learning experience inside a “world” that can’t be observed in reality and is a truly unique way of engaging students in science. By including links to real-world agricultural challenges and highlighting local research, VPC helps students understand how science can be applied and engages them in innovations to adapt plants for the future. With VPC in the classroom, UWA is building science understanding, helping students develop skills and inspiring career aspirations towards the critical areas of agriculture and future food production.

Visitors can also bring DNA molecules to life through an Augmented Reality (AR) experience created by a team of UWA PhD students. The DyNAmic Molecule AR experience allows visitors using mobile devices to explore the vital role which DNA plays in the chemistry of life and biological functions.

From making fruit caviar to a pop-up People Library there are plenty of experiences at Moonboorli (Beyond).

Kings Park: Tuesday and Wednesday (13 & 14 August)

Kings Park is also celebrating National Science Week by inviting students to meet a scientist! UWA’s Alison Ritchie is one of the scientists working with Kings Park and she will talk about her career in science, discuss her research in ecology and restoration, and show the exciting and innovative work she is doing with native seeds. More Information on Kings Park Science Week events.

Perth Science Festival: Saturday and Sunday (24 & 25 August)

At the 2019 Perth Science Festival at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth, talk to UWA scientists about the link between healthy soils and healthy food, sustaining healthy people and supporting healthy communities. Learn about the impacts of how changing environments, increasing populations and future-technologies are helping us to ensure that we can feed the children of tomorrow, and become a Future Farmer by planting your own crop plant to take home with you.

Also at the Science Festival, look out for Angela Rossen from UWA who will be joining forces with the West Australian Marine Science Institution to showcase marine science research taking place in Western Australia. Young scientists from a number of research institutions will be on hand to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for a career in the sciences. Join a hands-on activity in which children and their families can observe and record near shore marine biota from Perth Metropolitan beaches under magnification. Dr Jane Prince, one of WA’s foremost invertebrate taxonomists, will be presiding over a touch pool full of the wonders of the rock platforms of our beaches. This booth will be one to watch out for!

Science Café (Thursday 29 August)

UWA and Scitech have teamed up again to inspire year 10 students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Science Café provides students a unique opportunity to speak one-on-one with STEM professionals from various backgrounds to gain practical knowledge on future careers. In the afternoon, students gain an insight to pathways for pursuing science beyond high school by engaging with current STEM undergraduate students. And during the whole day, students will be networking with other high school students – their future STEM colleagues!

Registrations for this year’s Science Café have closed, but register your interest for Science Café 2020 at

Biology as Art (entries now open)

Entries are now also being accepted for the 2019 Biology as Art Competition which is on again with a public exhibition from 8 – 12 October (11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m., Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery). Showcase your talents by entering the competition (entries close on 2 September 2019), or view the exhibit and vote for your favourite and join a panel discussion on ‘Environmental Challenges’.