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The Pantry Blitz 2017

The Pantry Blitz is a unique citizen science activity to learn more about the insects we share our homes with and how everyone can help protect our food, environment and livelihoods from damage caused by household pests.

When: Saturday, August 12 2017 till Saturday, September 9 2017. 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Topic: Environment and nature, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free

Join us on a mission to uncover the secret lives of pests inside your pantry!

After last year’s success the Pantry Blitz is once again offering everyone the exciting opportunity to contribute to defending Australia’s food production systems. Pantry Blitzers will be given a pest trap to place inside their pantry cupboard and asked to report their findings for one month to experts at the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia for identification using the free reporting tool MyPestGuide™ Reporter.

Help boost our biosecurity defences.

Australia is lucky to have such a uniquely diverse environment. Our relative isolation has allowed us to enjoy freedom from damaging pests found in other countries. However as trade increases we become more vulnerable to the entry of exotic pests.

Pest surveillance in both rural and urban areas is vital to helping us detect and control pests before they can do lasting damage to our environment and agricultural industries. But we can’t stop all species at our borders and quarantine checkpoints.

The more people we have looking in the same place and reporting what they see the better we can build a snapshot of pests. Every Pantry Blitz report we receive helps increase the value of our pest surveillance data and ultimately helps boost our biosecurity defences.

Sign-up now

After registering online, participants will receive a free trap in the mail which is placed inside the kitchen pantry. Observations are sent to experts once a week using either MyPestGuide™ Reporter, a mobile app available for iOS and Android or by reporting online via the MyPestGuide™ website.

Experts at the department will acknowledge each report by identifying pests and providing information on your findings straight to your device. After the Pantry Blitz the community’s findings will be analysed and published online. Pantry Blitzers will be kept up to date with the findings via a weekly newsletter.

Contact details:

Alexander Popoff-Asotoff
Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
Phone: 08 9368 3409

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