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Switched On Indigenous Young Inventors 2019

90-100 Indigenous youths aged 10-12, 30 teachers and 30 University mentor students from disadvantaged communities in the Northern Adelaide region and work with them to build their own STEM Inventions Models.

When: Thursday, August 8 2019. 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
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Where: Lake Windemere B-7 School
17 Uraidla Avenue, Salisbury North, SA, 5108
Topic: Energy and transport, Environment and nature, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free
Other: Wheelchair access

The selection of this group is aimed at inspiring the wider indigenous community’s interest in Digital STEMSEL. Participants will use science, technology, engineering, maths and social enterprise learning (STEMSEL) to unlock their ability to understand and apply scientific principles into real world microchip enabled STEMSEL projects.

This innovative will:

  • encourage informed discussion around science-related issues of public interest – issues discussed will include: saving energy, global warming and climate change;
  • encourage young people to study science – most of the young people are from Aboriginal northern area communities;
  • youth will assemble exciting and inspiring hands on science projects to show to the general community;
  • promote science-based careers;

University Students doing Science and Engineering courses from The University of Adelaide, Flinders University and UniSA will mentor the disadvantaged kids and are role models. Some unemployed University graduates will be used who are looking for science-based careers. This hands-on experience will help them to find jobs in their field.

It’s proposed to bring 90 disadvantaged Indigenous youths aged 10-12, 30 mentors and 30 university students from disadvantaged communities in the northern Adelaide region and work with them on various projects. These projects will be facilitated by STEM experts from eLabtronics. Each project will be project managed by students from the three Adelaide universities (University of Adelaide, Flinders University and UniSA).

One week before the event eLabtronics will host a preparation meeting to be attended by Science Coordinators from DECD Aboriginal Education Directorate, university students and leaders representing each community. This meeting will also be designed to get community input on identified projects that will be conducted on the day.

Hands-on science projects will be built with energy saving and climate change themes. Participants will use their creativity to design build program projects and models which relate to sustainability.

Example projects are to use a lemon battery as an input to a microchip controller and display the voltage as changing flash rates or to use a wire loop game and extend it as a microchip project.

The working electronic interactive models made by the project teams will be entered into the Royal Adelaide Show Inventors Competitions and be displayed in September so that the general public (estimated attendance at display is 30 000) can be inspired by the potential that hands-on science can be unlocked in this community.

The Royal Adelaide Show will sponsor tickets for young people to come and talk to judges and public about their competition models and inventions.

Contact details:

Miroslav Kostecki
Phone: 0425 868 353

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