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Science Hall of Fame

Write a poem about your chosen scientist for a Science Hall of Fame on the Science Rhymes website. Submit your rhyming verse poem by 31 July.

When: Monday, April 16 2018 till Tuesday, July 31 2018. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Topic: Archaeology and antiquity, Human body and movement, Energy and transport, Environment and nature, Health and medical, Space and astronomy, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free
Social Media: Facebook

Choose a scientist or science discovery you think is worthy of hanging in a Science Hall of Fame, then write a rhyming verse poem on your chosen subject.

By the time this year’s National Science Week begins the Science Rhymes website will display a collection of rhyming verse poems about the scientists and science discoveries that have captured our imagination.

Your poem could be about a historical scientist or natural philosopher like Archimedes from Greece; a milestone moment like Alexi Leonov’s first spacewalk for Russia, or a superb scientific discovery like the first recorded Gravity Waves.

The Science Rhymes website has a free PDF download to help you on your way. More links and suggestions will be featured over the months leading up to National Science Week.

Poems are to be submitted by email. Include your poem’s title & your name, plus your town and school name (if appropriate). Earlier submissions (of 1-8 verses) are more likely to make it into the Science Hall of Fame. Published poems by children will be acknowledged by first name only (and school name where appropriate).

Contact details:

Celia Berrell
Science Rhymes
Phone: 0408 069 192