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Monarto Woodland Birds

Woodland birds are being caught, banded and released to document their survival and movements in the Monarto area. BioR is helping university scientists with this, providing opportunities for the public and school groups to see how the birds are caught, to hold them and release them.

When: Saturday, August 10 2019 till Friday, August 16 2019. 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
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Where: Frahns Farm
Frahns Farm Road, Monarto, SA, 5254
Topic: Environment and nature
Cost: Free
Bookings: 0407 180 921

Woodland birds are declining across southern Australia. These declines are attributed to a lack of suitable habitat. In the Monarto region, 35-year old woodland plantings now support many of these declining birds (honeyeaters, robins, flycatchers, treecreepers, finches etc).

The community group BioR is working with scientists from the University of Adelaide to trap, band and release these birds so that their population structure, survival and movements can be documented. Knowledge of the age structure of a population informs on whether a lack of recruitment (breeding) or reduced survival accounts for the declines. Recapturing the same birds multiple times at the same sites over many years, not only indicates high adult survival but also that the habitats are providing suitable resources. Knowing these attributes of the birds will help manage these populations and link the birds to particular features of woodland habitats. In turn, this will help BioR to design and establish new habitats to support these birds in other areas and halt their declines.

BioR and University scientists will be banding birds at Frahns Farm in the Monarto area from the 10-16 August.

The general public (10-11 August) and school groups (12-16 August) are welcome to attend for a 2 h session from 9:30am or 12:30pm. During that session, you will be shown how the birds are caught in mist-nets. Once extracted from the nets, the birds are held while a numbered band is attached around their legs. We will also show you how to hold these birds so that you can hold and release them after they have been banded.

Bookings are essential and, on confirmation, a map, contact phone numbers and other details will be provided.

Contact details:

David Paton
Bio-R Oz
Phone: 0407 180 921

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