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Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge will ask participants to reproduce an image with Lego bricks. This is an introduction to scientific concepts through fun practical hands on experiences. Challenges are age appropriate. The activities will encourage both group and individual work.

When: Tuesday, August 13 2019. 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
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Where: Bridgewater Library
23 Green Point Road, Bridgewater, TAS, 7030
Topic: Innovation and technology
Cost: Free
Other: Wheelchair access
Social Media: Facebook

Our event is the Lego Challenge were our participants will be asked to choose from  several images and to reproduce the image with Lego bricks.

Our participants will be in two age groups before school at our weekly play and learn and a after school activity for our school aged participants. The degree of difficulty will be appropriate to the age group. The aim is to offer a soft introduction to scientific concepts through practical experiments that are cost effective. Bridgewater Library has been successfully holding STEAM events for the last 18 months which have been booked to capacity.

As a government organization, Libraries Tasmania is also committed to STEM education and skills for young Australians. At Libraries Tasmania, we understand it is vitally important that people engage with technical subjects to build an understanding and gain confidence in using new technologies. They also need to develop their creative and imaginative skills so they can use new technologies, and also become the innovators who create the next wave of inventions.

We will hold the event inside the Bridgewater Library, using one of our training rooms.  Training room capacity is suitable for up to 35 people. The target audience is children aged 2+. Staff and volunteers will facilitate the session and we value the additional support that comes from adults in the room.

Contact details:

Shirley Williams
Bridgewater Library
Phone: 03 6165 5446
Mobile: 0409 502 748

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