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Launch of Radio Show – Sound of Science

The Sound of Science is a daily science show broadcast on the Community Radio Network, featuring luminary scientists and nobel prize winners, exploring practical discoveries of science and frontiers of human understanding, with a focus on Australia’s role in the expansion of humankind’s knowledge.

When: Saturday, August 12 2017 till Tuesday, October 31 2017. 9:00 AM
Topic: Energy and transport, Environment and nature, Health and medical, Space and astronomy, Innovation and technology
Cost: Free

In this daily series of segments designed for broadcast on Community Radio, Scientist Peter Spinks, and his friends, bring decades of experience at the front lines of scientific discovery and education. With top scientists sharing the big discoveries of our times, and offering hope for the future, join us for a revolutionary exploration of science, which is transforming our understanding of the universe.

We examine ground-breaking discoveries and practical spin-off’s in physics, astronomy, energy, the human brain, the oceans, robotics and artificial intelligence. Subjects include Square Kilometer Array, the world’s largest telescope being built in Australia; Hadron Collider, a collaboration of 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries; International Space Station; Exploring forefronts of human consciousness and mapping of the Human Brain; Ocean Observatories Initiative; National Ecological Observatory Network; Autonomous connected Cars; Gravity-Wave Observatory; Human Genome Project; rare geological finds in Australia; impact of climate change on the water supplies of Australia’s Cocos and Christmas Islands; social interaction of ants; and more!

We aim to cultivate interest and education by providing access to interesting information on general science, to inspire the next generation of astronomers, chemists, physicists, geologist and other scientists. The Sound of Science Radio offers a safe and fun ways for listeners and their children to explore discoveries being made by the world’s top scientists.

Contact details:

William Martin
Australia Community Radio
Phone: 0411 798 772

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  • New Scientist
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