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Flora to Flora

To further our recycling initiatives, our students will be involved in recycling their food scraps into the compost bins to produce composted soil. This soil will be used by classes in their gardening projects.

When: Monday, June 26 2017 till Friday, August 18 2017. 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Where: Adelaide North Special School
135 Douglas Drive, Munno Para, SA, 5115
Topic: Environment and nature
Cost: Free

Flora to Flora describes our school project as we will recycle produce to make soil to create more produce. Our Environmental Action Team has been active in establishing our recycling initiatives.

To encourage green waste recycling, students will be involved in the process of making compost. Students will help collect food scraps from classes and put them into the compost bin.

Once the compost is ready, classes will use the compost in a variety of planting experiences. Some examples of plants include succulents, Robinia seed pods, sunflowers, grass seed caterpillars and vegetables.

Contact details:

Sharine Pritchard
Adelaide North Special School
Phone: 0430 041 491

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