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Virtual Reality Science Incursion

VR is fast becoming a recognised educational learning technology offering teachers and students new and powerful ways to create, view and interact with curriculum content in highly engaging ways.

We are offering science teachers two kinds of VR learning technologies especially tailored for all stages of students. Our one day incursion events allow multiple classes and their teachers to actively engage with 2VR technologies in safe, structured and supervised ways – on site in your school:

  • explore science topics that are curriculum based; or
  • build a VR project using 360-degree film and multimedia content.

VEATIVE is a VR platform that offers over 140 VR science activities that we aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This resource is especially useful for consolidation work and features CGI representations of abstract scientific concepts set with tutorials, scenarios, quizzes and learning analytics.

VRCreate is a 360-degree virtual authoring platform that allows teachers and students to select or create their own science related content. It affords users ability to create scenes and cache content such as – objects, images, videos, text, experiments, field data and PPTS into each scene – thus creating an interactive science inquiry VR product. Each product can then be used as a resource to drive future learning.

We tailor-make VR packages to suit your school objectives, number of students and interests.

Price: $25 per student (min 16 – max 25 per class) for a double lesson.