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The Many Faces of Glass Poetry Blog

Can you write a poem about glass? This amorphous family of minerals has many faces.  From day to day objects like mirrors and bottles to engineering masterpieces of technology. From historical chandeliers to cutting edge chemistry & medicine, glass enhances our lives. How can some forms of glass be bendy, while others are brittle? How do some withstand heat while others crack? What is the difference between transparent and translucent glass?

By the time National Science Week begins the Science Rhymes website will display a collection of your rhyming verse poems about The Many Faces of Glass (and other science discoveries that have captured your poetic imagination). And perhaps some of those questions above will be answered in your poems.

Science Rhymes has a free PDF called Our World With Glass to help with some poetry ideas.

Please submit poems by email by Friday 29 July. Include your poem title & your name, plus your town, school name and an adult name & email address for school-aged poets, so we can reply. A rhyming poem of 1 to 5 verses would be ideal (but others may be considered for publication). Published poems by children will be acknowledged by first name only (and school name where appropriate).