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Zoom into the Atlas of Life – Little Penguins of Eden

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You are invited to join us for these Zoom sessions every afternoon where you will hear from an expert and see videos and information about each topic.

We will show you gems from our NatureMapr database and you will have the chance to ask questions. Topics include the mighty whale migrations, post bushfire regeneration in different habitats, the beauty and mystery of sea slugs, little penguins for Eden, sea urchin barrens and more.

Friday 21 Little Penguins at Eden – extinction and re-introduction

There was a colony of up to 27 breeding pairs of these most beautiful and special Little Penguins at Eagle’s Claw Eden until several years of predation wiped them out in 1995. Hear their story from Wendy Noble of NPWS and the work that is happening now to re-introduce them to their old home. Watch film and learn about their lives and what they need to survive and nest here.

Join our Zoom and Q&A at 2:30pm

Image via wikimedia.