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  • the CORRIDOR project + Cowra Cabonne Science Hub
    Darby Falls Road, Wyangala NSW 2808, Australia

Join us for an extraordinary experience in Central West NSW. The CORRIDOR project + Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub proudly presents WYANGALA, a First Nation culturally led science program that will captivate and inspire you.

Explore the effects of the recent Wyangala Dam water release and its profound environmental impact. This program is dedicated to raising awareness about flood-related environmental implications, focusing on crucial aspects such as habitat preservation, natural ecologies, and riparian health. Unveil the complex interactions between humans, nature, and conservation.

Taking place over a full day and evening, activities include Aboriginal Cultural Fire Management, Indigenous Astronomy, and identification of plants and medicines.

The program aims to deepen an understanding of the complex interactions between humans, natural events, and the environment, whilst highlighting the conservation of local ecosystems. Interactive workshops, field trips, presentations, and hands-on learning experiences will enable participants to learn about culturally led traditional scientific knowledge, and methodologies, facilitated by First Nation knowledge holders.

Bring your family and friends all welcome.

Location Information

Directions 2997 Darby Falls Road, Wyangala As you may be aware the conditions of roads in regional NSW are rugged due to weather events so be cautionary, if unsure check Road Traffic notifications for conditions. For those concerned about the weather, the infrastructure is elevated from the Lachlan/Galari river but it's best to plan to travel during the day as safer. Leave Cowra on the Darby Falls Road and drive 29.97 km (hence the address number being 2997). 20 minutes from Cowra you will pass property signs on left saying Ledgelea then Riverslea. Continue for 100 metres then go left at the set-back showing suspended signage the CORRIDOR project with cut out yellow numbers 2997. Drive down the road and a parking attendant will assist you from there. Further directions? For help contact Phoebe Cowdery, 0413 910 697