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Adventures Abroad in Science – Canberra women discuss their experiences & research

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Canberra produces some superb scientists who end up having amazing adventures in the science world. In this series of online chats you will meet women who have gone to all kinds of places around the world.

Session 1: 9 AM Saturday 15 August, featuring:

  • Gravitational wave theoretical physicist Professor Susan Scott, FAA (LIGO, US)
  • Antarctic Krill specialist Dr Nicole Hellessey (Atlanta, US)
  • Fusion Energy researcher soon-to-be-Dr Adelle Wright (Princeton, US)

Session 2: 6.30 PM Sunday 16 August, featuring:

  • Dung beetle Navigation expert Associate Professor Emily Baird (Stockholm)
  • Astronomer Dr Rajika Kuruwita (Copenhagen)
  • Pidemiologist Dr Meru Sheel (Papua New Guinea)

Find out about their adventures, their discoveries and the funny tales that have happened on the road to their fascinating career.

They’ll be interviewed by the inimitable cast of Dramatis Scientificae – a science-theatre collaboration that combines humour, caricature and social satire with rigorous scientific methods.

Think scientists explaining their work to a tradie, a coal magnate or a punk muso, and you’ll get the idea. Anything could happen – but you’re certain to find out something you didn’t know before.

You’ll get a chance to chat with the scientists too. And be ready for a quiz.

Supported by an ACT National Science Week grant, and sponsored by Boardroom Media.