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Women in STEMM Research Symposium: Murdoch University

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This annual event enters its second year to celebrate National Science Week and showcase outstanding science and research being conducted by female STEMM staff at Murdoch University. In 2020 we shine the spotlight on the Engineering and IT discipline areas which consistently show the greatest underrepresentation of women in higher education and private sectors.

Dr Martina Calais, Senior Lecturer of Engineering, will share outcomes and experiences from a collaborative research project with Horizon Power in her presentation on “Increasing the penetration of distributed energy resources in remote microgrids”. Dr Paola Magni, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science, expands on science, crimes, and fashion and Associate Director of IT, Julie Whitlock, will reflect on her career in IT. Join the presenters in a Q&A panel discussion afterwards

This online event will be held on Friday 21 August: 10 – 11 am (including panel discussion). To join us, please register via Eventbrite or email. Places are limited.

This event reinforces the value and benefit of having a diverse and inclusive workforce, and how a culture that supports this ethos is more conducive to delivering outstanding research.

Please contact event organiser Dr Ann-Maree Vallence if you have any queries.