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Wobbly Machine

  • From
  • Incinerator Art Space
    Small Street, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia

This is an exhibition of science-inspired art by scientist turned artist Steven Durbach (the scientist) aka Sid Sledge (the artist). His work, which is a series of drawing and mechanical sculptures are constituted by iterative processes. However, the iterations are not perfect. They are wobbly or imprecise – much like the artist and frankly – all biological processes that evolution embodies.

He worked in the field of genetics and it’s those ideas that came to influence his art. “I am curious about how something as complex as us can emerge through such simple processes”. His work attempts to model the complexity of the world he sees around him. It stems from the idea that the observable world came about from processes that repeat… and almost everything is an embodiment of that phenomenon. If these processes were perfectly uniform the world would be a dull stable place, but it is not. His work is interested in the inherent instability, chaos and uncertainty that is revealed by its processive nature.

He expresses these ideas in drawings where he has developed practices that amplify or reveal the chaotic or allude to the unpredictable aspect of iterative processes. They embody these processes in a spatial dimension. Kinetic sculptures capture the repetitive processes in the temporal dimension. For some of the work he has built primitive technologies like the irregular pendulum that help remove some control from the drawing process. This device is employed in a series of drawings called chaotic self-portraits.

There will also be a series of online conversations between artists and scientists presented from this space as part of the COFFEE IN THE STUDIO project - a joint initiative between the artist, CSIRO (Lindfield site) and North Sydney Science Hub.