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Wise Waterbugs

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    37 Hammond Street, Bellingen NSW 2454, Australia

Uncover a hidden aquatic world with Wise Waterbugs, a captivating two-part adventure that invites people of all ages to embark on an exploration of the realm of macroinvertebrates. Through hands-on workshops and activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of these small waterbugs and their big role in understanding the health of river ecosystems.

The first workshop is specially designed for preschoolers and their grandparents, offering a wonderful opportunity for intergenerational bonding. In this session, participants will delve into the captivating world of macroinvertebrates and learn about their significance in providing a holistic view of river health. They will also use various scientific tools and equipment to identify waterbugs.  One of the highlights of the workshop will be"The Orders Challenge," a fun activity that encourages participants to work together as a team and sort a diverse range of macros into different orders, racing against the clock to complete the task within a set time limit.

The journey doesn't stop there. The Macro Open Day, the 2nd workshop, will extend the exploration to the wider community. This special event will take place in conjunction with the Bellingen Growers Market at the Bellingen Showground (TBC). Participants from workshop one will be invited to this workshop and it will provide an excellent opportunity for those participants to showcase their newfound knowledge and skills to the general public. The Macro Open Day will foster curiosity and help to build a network of citizen scientists dedicated to monitoring macros.

Building a strong community of citizen scientists in the Bellingen area is of paramount importance, given that our rivers serve as the habitat for the critically endangered Bellinger River Snapping Turtle.

Join the Wise Waterbugs and be part of the movement to protect our river systems.