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What's Wrong With Ultra-processed Food?

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Are you concerned about the nutritional quality of processed foods? Like to learn more about how governments and the corporations that produce these foods are responding to these health concerns?

Join the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne for an insightful conversation with Associate Professor Gyorgy Scrinis, food politics and policy expert in the School of Agriculture and Food.

  • The concept of ultra-processed foods and the average quantity of these foods we consume
  • The latest research into the dietary and health impacts of ultra-processed foods in Australia and globally
  • The food corporations that produce, distribute and market ultra-processed foods
  • The regulation of ultra-processed to better protect public health

The conversation will be facilitated by Dr Jennifer Henry, an alum of the School of Agriculture and Food (BAgr(Hons), PhD), with the opportunity for questions from the audience.