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  • - (ACST)
  • Mylor Primary School
    220 Srathalbyn Road, Mylor SA 5153, Australia

In the Mylor Primary School Library, a dynamic presentation on electrical safety takes centre stage. The students have embarked on a journey to explore the fascinating world of electricity.

This captivating classroom event aims to educate, inspire, and raise awareness about electrical safety and its multifaceted role in our lives. Each student showcases their artistic talents by creating an eye-catching poster or informative brochure about electrical safety. Then the students delve into the realm of energy production. In their research presentations, they explore methods of generating electricity, from traditional to renewable sources. 

Bringing their scientific prowess to the forefront, the students embark on a hands-on activity to create models of power stations or circuits. Through interactive demonstrations, the students illustrate the flow of electrons, the role of transformers, and the importance of safety measures like circuit breakers. 

To complete the presentation, the students embark on a captivating journey through time to investigate the history of electricity and its profound impact on society.  They will trace the discoveries of influential figures such as  Franklin, Edison, and Tesla, who revolutionised the world with their contributions to the field. 

Through their artwork, research, models, and historical exploration, they have showcased the multifaceted nature of electricity and its critical role in society. The audience leaves the presentation with a new found appreciation for the power of electricity, armed with knowledge on how to stay safe and make informed choices regarding energy consumption.