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What is the Value of Urban Forest?

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We aim to add thousands of plants to homes, community spaces and schools across Adelaide to revegetate Greater Adelaide and provides a means of sequestering carbon on a large scale; improving the local climate for inhabitants by increasing the shade effects and increasing the biodiversity within the city.

These workshops will help participants understand the value of trees, particularly in urban settings by encouraging participants to consider what makes a good urban tree by helping citizen scientists understand issues such as impact they are having on carbon, local micro-climate and biodiversity.

The workshop will include:

  • Interactive presentation on what a tree is, tree impact on temperature, biodiversity and carbon sequestration
  • Practice taking measurements on the selected species
  • A seedling to take home so you can measure carbon sequestration each season. This will be provided along with a fact sheet for how and where to plant the seedling as well as how to take the measurements.

What is the value of urban forest? is a pilot program for a larger study currently in planning for groups to learn the value of urban trees and then plant their own seedling to measure annually.

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