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Warrakan ga ba?’yun Galiwink’?ur (Animals hiding around Galiwin’ku)

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  • Wa?a?ga'yu
    -, Galiwin'ku NT 0822, Australia

The National Science Week theme of Glass: more than meets the eye has inspired us to deliver a series of activities on Country that support our students to learn about local fauna that are often cryptic, nocturnal or just plain shy.

The local Gumurr Marthakal Rangers will support daily field trips for classes across the school throughout Ntional Science Week which will visit 3 different cultural homelands that provide habitats (billabongs, coastal dunes, open forest) for a range of local and feral species. Students will set camera traps at each of the sites and compare the different species observed at each site.

The field trips will be supported in school with daily sessions run by the Rangers and Two-Way Science team about conserving local fauna as well as controlling invasive species such as cane toads and water buffalo and feral animals including cats, dogs and pigs and the damage they can do to Country.

Traditional Owners will be invited to provide Indigenous ecological knowledge for each site and about the species observed and how the students are connected to the site and its fauna. Along with the Rangers involvement, this will ensure that students develop a rich and meaningful understanding “both ways”, Balanda (non-Indigenous) and Yolŋu (Indigenous).

Throughout the week, students will use a GoPro camera to record their work planning, deploying, downloading, and analysing the camera traps, to produce a video so that future students can understand the role of technology in caring for Country. The week will culminate in a whole school assembly where classes present their conservation action plans for their chosen local fauna or invasive/feral species.