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Virtual tour of Great Southern Reef Marine Life - Aboriginal connections

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We have all heard of the Great Barrier Reef but who has heard of the Great Southern Reef?

Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries will collaborate with universities, Indigenous communities, the Department for Environment and Water, Marine Parks, the dive industry and science communicators to tell the story of the Great Southern Reef and its inhabitants.

Events will be via streamed video with commentary and Q&A by leading South Australian marine biologists, ecologists, Kaurna elders, underwater photographers, researchers and citizen scientists.

  • Giant Australian Cuttlefish - 29 June
  • Weird and wonderful creatures of the Great Southern Reef - 3 August
  • Seadragons and their cousins - 10 August
  • Rays and sharks - 17 August
  • Site attached reef fish of the Great Southern Reef - 24 August
  • Dolphins - 31 August
  • Aboriginal connections to coast and marine - 7 September