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Truthmachine Workshop

  • From
  • Supreme Court of the Northern Terittory
    State Square, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia

A workshop in which the lead creatives of Truthmachine by Counterpilot from the Darwin Festival invite you into the Jury Muster Room at the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory to learn about the science behind lie-detector machines and lie detecting methodologies. Learn about the science that goes into making theatre in this one hour, free workshop.

Using real biometric sensors and live voting systems, Truthmachine seeks out truth in a world of fake news and alternative facts. The polygraph machine used to be regarded as a legal instrument, but today we think we can cheat it. Let’s see if your heart rate can lie as effectively as our leaders can.

Blurring the line between cutting edge technology and live performance, Truthmachine is an intimate, playful and intriguing theatre experience for adventurous audiences from the team that brought Avoidable Perils to Festival Park in 2020.

Part social experiment, part play, part immersive multimedia experience, it will leave you thinking long after it’s over.