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Through the Looking Glass - Bringing some STEM sparkle to the red sand desert

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  • Haasts Bluff School
    Marks Street, Haasts Bluff NT 0872, Australia

Throughout National Science Week students will participate in a variety of activities relating to glass including investigating spinifex resin. 

Students will create posters and interactive displays of their learning, as well as making a short movie. At the end of the week students will invite their families to come to school for a community sharing and learning day where students will lead some of the activities for their families and explain all of their learning, before having a community barbeque.

The activities that are planned are designed to include students of all ages, as well as being fun and engaging. As the community does not have a preschool or secondary-aged program, students of those ages will be invited to join in National Science Week activities during that week.

Nearby schools will be invited to the community sharing day.