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The Wonderful Properties of Fruit and Vegetables

  • - (AEST)
  • Bligh Park Public School
    Alexander Street, Bligh Park NSW 2756, Australia

To celebrate National Science Week and linking to the science and technology NSW syllabus we are going to run a day of chemistry activities involving students from Kindergarten to Year 6, inviting the school community to also participate (if circumstances permit). This also gives us the opportunity to showcase our school through an open classroom setting.

The day will include a number of chemistry activities with a fruit and vegetable theme, that explores the properties of fruit and vegetables. Students will be placed into their friendship groups which are mixed groups K-6 so that the older students can support the learning of the younger students.

These engaging hands on activities will practise and reinforce the science and technology aspects of the curriculum, with a focus on experiments. These activities are intended to spur the curiosity and interest of our students and the wider school community in STEM and future focused education.

The chemistry day will involve a variety of activities such as: investigating acids and bases using red cabbage indicator, experimenting with invisible ink using turmeric, extracting DNA from strawberries, exploring the enzymatic browning of apples using a control and making some sherbet to take home.