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The Living Land: An Evening with Zena Cumpston

  • - (AEST)
  • Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library
    182 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy VIC 3068, Australia

For National Science Week, join Barkandji woman, writer, researcher, curator and storyteller Zena Cumpston, co-writer of Plants: Past, Present and Future from the First Knowledges series. Zena is passionate about plants and the many ways they illuminate the ingenuity and deep knowledge of her people. The First Knowledges series, published by Thames & Hudson Australia, offers an introduction to Indigenous knowledges in vital areas and their application to the present day and the future.

Joining Zena is Professor Lesley Head, a distinguished geographer who has dedicated her career to studying human-environment relations. As the Head of the new School of Geography at the University of Melbourne, Professor Head is leading an initiative to build a world-class institution where human and physical geography converge to address pressing social and environmental challenges. Her research spans ranges from cultural geography, with projects on backyard gardens and invasive plants, to studying the impact of prehistoric Indigenous peoples on their environments, using palaeoecology and archaeology. She is the author of Hope and Grief in the Anthropocene; re-conceptualising human-nature relations.

Together, Zena and Lesley will delve into the world of plants, illustrating how traditional knowledge and scientific study intersect to provide a deeper understanding of our natural world. They will talk about their book Plants: Past, Present and Future, co-authored with Michael-Shawn Fletcher.

Join us for this exciting conversation that promises to provide an enriching and enlightening exploration into the role of plants in our ecosystems, cultures, and future sustainability.