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The Grand Challenge: Eradicating Malaria

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Giving your students around Australia the opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers and award winning entrepreneurs to design their very own innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The Grand Challenge: Eradicating Malaria

Our world is facing a pandemic at an unprecedented scope for the modern, developed world. As the race for a vaccine for COVID-19 reaches fever-pitch, it begs the question of why there are still other preventable and curable life-threatening diseases that kill hundreds of thousands a year.

Year 9-10 students will spend a day learning about a real-life global problem i.e. the Grand Challenge, and brainstorm, create a prototype and pitch their own solutions in a professional entrepreneurial way to their peers and STEM experts for a chance to win cash prizes. Each participating school or individually participating student will be provided with a Grand Challenge Kit containing all relevant support materials and curriculum links and rubrics prior to the Challenge commencing.

The Grand Challenge is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, including the General Capabilities and Cross-Curricular Priorities. Students will need to be supervised online by a teacher or guardian. This is a collaboration between Future Anything, the University of Sydney and Breaking Good.

Program Details

Date: 24 August 2020
Duration: 9.30am-2.30pm, a combination of online Zoom workshops with our facilitators and self-directed working time
Cost: ~$11-22 per student (group discounts for 30+ students) plus online booking fee
Supervision: each student must have a teacher or guardian supervisor present during the online sessions. Supervisors attend for free.