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The Four Friends of Fire – a science animation

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In much of Australia, bushfires are a part of life. But with major fires in recent seasons, including one of the worst ever in 2019/20, many are asking whether fire patterns are changing and what role climate change might be playing. There has never been a greater need for communities to understand the fundamentals of bushfires - what drives them and how they will respond to climate change.

For National Science Week in 2020 Science at the Local and Dr Hamish Clarke are developing an animated video on the topic of bushfire and climate change. Informed by cutting edge science, the animation will be clear, engaging, suitable for all ages and made available to communities statewide through social media. It follows on from a successful existing video on the basics of bushfire, the Four Friends of Fire, informed by the latest science and developed in collaboration with design and animation experts.

We want you to watch, watch again and then like, retweet, comment and share. We will also looking for people's feedback about their current understanding of bushfire and climate change, what they liked and didn't like about the animation, and what actions, if any, they took as a result.